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+# RaspberryPi Thermostat
+This is a simple thermostat application built for Python3 on a RaspberryPi with PySide2, to demonstrate how easy is to use PySide2 to build your domotic devices.
+If you're using the Raspbian Buster with PySide2 image provided by ( you should only need to clone this repository and run the autologin script:
+cd /home/pi
+git clone
+cd termostato-raspberry
+chmod +x
+Then just reboot the system and wait for the interface to load. If you are using a Raspbian Buster image, without PySide2 libraries, you'll first need to follow instructions on the page, to install Qt5 and PySide2.
+You also need to install libraries for GPIO pins and the therm sensors:
+sudo aptitude install python3-rpi.gpio
+sudo pip3 install w1thermsensor